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With Your Child’s Education

Read to Dojo messages daily
Read all class and school communications
View your child’s work and homework
Attend Parent/Teacher conferences
Sign the Parent/Teacher/Student Compact
Attend school activities & parent workshops
Become involved in the following areas:

The School Advisory Council (SAC):

We meet eight times a year. The role of the SAC is to develop, monitor, and evaluates the functions of the school. Members are asked to review the School Improvement Plan that is written annually and submitted to the School Board. Please contact the Principal to become a member.

The Parent/Teacher Organization(PTO):

This is open to all parents and teachers. The PTO Board meets regularly to coordinate programs for our families, students, and staff. It organizes fund raising activities to generate funds for school needs that the general operating budget cannot accommodate. Membership is open at the beginning of the year.

The Volunteer & Business Partner Program:

This consists of parents, relatives, friends, and business partners who are willing to invest their time, talents and/or resources. We have a variety of opportunities available. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to see how you can be involved. Boswell’s volunteer program has been awarded the Golden School Award.
It is the policy of the Polk County School Board that any parent or volunteer working in the classroom or participating on a field trip must be an approved volunteer. An application for this can be obtained from the school office.

The MyPolkSchools Parent Portal

Parents, you can now access your child’s information from any computer with an internet connection. The MyPolkSchools Parent Portal allows you to check current grades, obtain immunization status, learn if your child has any recorded discipline or attendance issues throughout the day, check your child’s current lunch account balance, make a payment to the lunch account, and even see what your child purchased in the lunchroom – all before your child comes home from school.

Parent Portal Information – Click here to find out more!

 Information about Bullying

Stop Bullying
Click Here

School is hard enough without having to deal with bullies, teasers or other kids who are just mean! So, you have a problem with someone in your class. Are you being bullied? Help us stop bullying in our schools.

Click on the Stop Bullying Now graphic to get more information about bullying or to report bullying in our school.

We also have a “Bully Box” located in our front office and media center.  You or your child may stop by and fill out the form located next to the box or speak with our Assistant Principal.  Upon filling out the form, administration will call you and/or your child to discuss the details of the event and begin an investigation.